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United States
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Jamaica Cell
Anguilla Landline17.8
Anguilla Cellular20.7
Antigua Landline17.7
Antigua Cellular20.7
Aruba Landline8.5
Aruba Cellular18.6
Bahamas Landline5.8
Bahamas Cellular10.9
Barbados Landline14.4
Barbados Cellular20.5
Belize Landline18.7
Belize Cellular18.7
Bermuda Landline3.7
Bermuda Cellular3.6
Canada Landline2.1
Cayman Islands Landline10.1
Cayman Islands Cellular16.7
Cuba Landline60.4
Cuba Cellular60.4
Cuba-Guantanamo Bay60.4
Grenada Landline12.1
Grenada Cellular20.6
Guyana Landline20.8
Guyana Cellular22.5
Guyana Cellular-Digicel10.5
Haiti Landline24.6
Haiti Cellular26.7
Haiti Cellular-Digicel24.7
Haiti Cellular-Nat24.6
Jamaica Fixed9.9
Jamaica Cellular-Digicell15.9
St. Kitts Landline17.8
St. Kitts Cellular20.7
St. Kitts- Nevis17.8
St. Lucia Landline16.2
St. Lucia Cellular20.3
St. Lucia Cellular - Digicel20.3
Trinidad Landline9.8
Trinidad Cellular20
USA Landline2.1
United Kingdom Landline1.2
United Kingdom Cellular30.9
United Kingdom Cellular-BT26.4
United Kingdom Cellular-H3G2.1
United Kingdom Cellular-Jersey26.7
United Kingdom Cellular-Lycamobile30.9
United Kingdom Cellular-Manx Telecom23.4
United Kingdom Cellular-O22.1
United Kingdom Cellular-Orange2.1
United Kingdom Cellular-Personal30.4
United Kingdom Cellular-TMobile2.1
United Kingdom Cellular-Vodafone2.1
United Kingdom Special Services25.1
United Kingdom-DTO1.6
United Kingdom-Lo-Call21.4
United Kingdom-London1.2
United Kingdom-National-Call31.9
Customer Testimonials
E. Adams, Coral Gables, FL USA
“I found out about over three years ago and since then I have been using their service to make my international calls, their rates are cheap and the voice quality is very clear.
S. Hannows, Bronx, NY USA
“I have been using to call my Mom in Jamaica for a while now and I am happy with the service, the call quality is good an the rates are the best I can find. I have recommended them to several of my friends
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