Frequently Asked Questions

Who is

The website and the products offered there are offered by the company Caricar Long Distance. Caricar Long Distance is a VoIP service provider located in the Atlanta area of Georgia, in the United States

Why should I use your service? is the most convenient and affordable way to call the Caribbean, USA, Canada and UK. You can call from any home phone, smartphone, tablet or PC. You may call using SoSoChat access number, SoSoChat App or call directly from Chrome browser (brand new feature)

How do I use the service?

Simply create a FREE SoSoChat account and use any of the calling methods to make your calls. You can call from any home phone, smartphone, tablet or PC. You may call using SoSoChat access number, SoSoChat App or call directly from Chrome browser (brand new feature). You may also use third part SIP application such as

Where Can I use the service?

You may use the SoSoChat service to make calls from anywhere in the world. We have local access numbers in USA, Canada and UK is you are not in any of these countries or are unable to reach the SoSoChat access numbers, you may make calls via the SoSoChat App or by calling directly from Chrome browser (brand new feature)

Where can I call with the SoSoChat service?

You can make calls to any country in the Caribbean or to the USA, UK and Canada.

What Calling Plans do SoSoChat Offer?

SoSoChat is a prepaid long distance calling service, we offer only one plan, the "pay-as-you-go" plan. There are no monthly plans. Everyone gets the lowest rate available via our simple pay-as-you-go plan.

How do I get a SoSoChat Account?

You may register for a SoSoChat account at and use the COURTESY CREDIT to make your first calls FREE.

After my free calls, how do I make more calls?

After making your complimentary FREE calls, you may make additional calls by adding credit to your account using a credit or debit card.

Is the website secure?

Yes, we use the latest encryption available to protect your information. Whenever you enter a secure area of the site you will see "https://" in the navigation bar indicating that your transaction is secure.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept Credit cards, Debit cards and PayPal. All major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

How do you protect my credit card information?

The information you submit on the SoSoChat Website is protected by the highest level of industry-standard SSL encryption.

What name will see on my credit card statement?

You will either see SoSoChat, Caricar Long Distance or both names.

How do I topup or add credit to my account?

There are several ways to topup your account

i) You may topup directly from your registered phone by calling any SoSoChat access number and following the prompts.

ii) You may login to your account online and topup

iii) You can get automatic topup set on your account

iv) You may call customer service and ask a rep to topup your account

Can I send mobile topup to phones in the Caribbean?


How do I send mobile topup?

Login to your account online and click on the option to send mobile credit.

How do I dial Caribbean USA and Canada?

Dial 1 + area code + seven-digit phone number, e.g. to call a number in Jamaica such as (876-123-1234), dial 1 + 876 + 123 + 4567

How Do I dial Europe and the rest of the world?

Dial 011 + the country code + the phone number, e.g. to call a number in the UK such as (208-123-1234), dial 011 + 44 + 208 + 123 + 1234

What is the calling rate?

The calling rates for different countries can be found on the "Rates" page at

What is the billing increment?

The billing increments is 60 seconds, a.k.a one minute rounding.

How long before my credit expires?

Your account never expires, typically if your account is not used for a year, the account goes dormant but it can be reactivated.

Do I need to have my phone service provider enable international calling on my phone to use SoSoChat?

No; you may use SoSoChat to make your long distance calls to Canada, USA, UK or anywhere in the Caribbean. To make calls via SoSoChat service you will call any of the SoSoChat local access numbers. In most cases, your existing plan will cover this call.

Which SoSoChat access number should I use?

Access numbers are not assigned individually so you may use any SoSoChat access number to make your International calls.

Can I call from other phones using my SoSoChat account?

Yes, you can register multiple phones on the same account and all the phones registered under that account will access same balance.

How do I login to my SoSoChat account?

Follow these steps to login:

1. Visit and click the Login button at the top of the page.

2. Enter your login ID/username

3. Enter your password in the appropriate box.

4. Press the Login button to enter account self-care area of the site to manage your account.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, you can reset it by following these steps:

1. Go to the login page.

2. Click on "Password Recovery

3. Next enter your login ID and the email address that is associated with your account.

4. Click the button that says Email Me My Password

5) You will receive an email from SoSoChat with your new password.

6) Go back to the login page and enter your login ID and new password.

PLEASE NOTE - The first time you login using the new password, you will be prompted to change it, the system will ask you to enter your old password, this is actually the same password that was just sent to you in the email.

Can I use other Softphones or SIP applications with the SoSoChat service?

Yes you may use other third party SIP applications with your SoSoChat account, one such as APP that our customers have given great feedback on is Zoiper which can be found in both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

How do I setup the SoSoChat SIP App/SoftPhone?

Login to your account on the SoSoChat customer portal, specific information for your account can be found there.

How do I setup other third SIP App/SoftPhone such as Zoiper?

Login to your account on the SoSoChat customer portal, specific information for your account can be found there.

How can I view a list of SoSoChat access numbers?

You must login to your SoSoChat account to view the access numbers.
Customer Testimonials
E. Adams, Coral Gables, FL USA
“I found out about over three years ago and since then I have been using their service to make my international calls, their rates are cheap and the voice quality is very clear.
S. Hannows, Bronx, NY USA
“I have been using to call my Mom in Jamaica for a while now and I am happy with the service, the call quality is good an the rates are the best I can find. I have recommended them to several of my friends
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